Manuka Honey 250+

Manuka Honey 250+ mgo - What do the numbers mean?

The numbers on a label of Honey Paihia manuka honey 250+ mgo are basically a measurement of purity of the nectar that our bees made the manuka honey 250+ from.  The larger the number, which measures the special ingredient, methylglyoxal in milligrams per kilogram, the purer the manuka honey.  There are a series of tests for manuka honey 250+ to pass before it can be called manuka honey when it is being exported from New Zealand.  Generally when a manuka honey tests 250+ and above for methylglyoxal in milligrams per kilogram of honey it is considered monofloral manuka honey, meaning it's from a single manuka honey nectar source.  This scale can go from 25+ to 1200+ or in rare cases even more.

Manuka Honey 250+ mgo is authentic, pure and from New Zealand - guaranteed.

Honey Paihia manuka honey 250+ starts at a minimum of 263 milligrams of methlyglyoxal (MGO) per kilogram of honey.  Honey Paihia manuka honey 250+ mgo is the equivalent of 10+ using the original NPA rating system.  Honey Paihia gets our manuka honey 250+ mgo tested using infrared spectroscopy to measure the amount of methlyglyoxal (mgo) in the honey.  With each purchase of Honey Paihia manuka honey 250+ mgo you will receive the test results so you can be sure your purchase is authentic manuka honey 250+ mgo.

How do you know the bees are collecting manuka honey 250+ mgo?

We do four things to make sure we are collecting manuka honey 250+ mgo. 

  1.  We first make sure our hives are near lots of manuka trees which means there is more nectar for the bees to collect and make manuka honey 250+ mgo.
  2.  We harvest the manuka honey 250+ mgo in November in the Far North of New Zealand to make sure the manuka honey 250+ nectar doesn't mix with any other nectars from later in the season.
  3.  We taste test the manuka honey 250+ mgo to make sure the bees have bought in manuka nectar to make the manuka honey 250+.  You can be assured, the honey is delicious.
  4.  We send our Honey Paihia manuka honey 250+ mgo away to Analytica Laboratories to get tested and gauranteed to be certified as high grade manuka honey 250+.

What does Honey Paihia manuka honey 250+ mgo taste like?

Honey Paihia manuka honey 250+ mgo has a delectable flavour which is not too strong and not too sweet.  Some would say Honey Paihia manuka honey 250+ mgo is perfectly balanced.


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Primo Pack - Supporting Bay Bush Action

Send direct to the friends and family you love the perfect gift that also supports Bay Bush Action saving kiwi in the Ōpua Forest. The pack contains our premium Manuka Honey. One 263+ mgo 250g, one 500+ mgo 250g honey and top of the line 800+ mgo 250g honey.